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Our Life Settlement Calculator provides a significant opportunity for you to educate your client on life settlement solutions.   You can scroll down to use the quick analysis tool.  Be sure to input your name, email, and contact information in the top section and your client's age and policy information in the bottom section.  You can expect a return email or call within 1 business day.


From The Advisor

"The solution NFG Brokerage was able to provide was more professional and easier to understand than any other firm we consulted with and it ultimately won the case for us"


Male & Female client ages 82 & 80 with a $2,341,623 Survivorship UL.


The insureds could no longer afford their annual GUL premiums, so they sought out options from their financial advisor. The carrier offered to lower the policy’s benefit to roughly $300,000 with no further premiums due.


We helped the agent by reaching out to our Life Settlement partner.  With just a little information and some illustrations, we were able to turn around a very timely tentative offer for the case.


Our Life Settlement partner was able to offer either $300k in cash today, or $750k in retained benefit which was more than two times what the carrier was able to offer in benefit with no further premiums due.  With these two new options, our Life Settlement Partner helped alleviate the insureds of their annual premium payments while retaining significant value of their life insurance policy.

2x the carrier offer.

Cash Option equal to carrier offer.

Peace of mind.

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