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Our design team helps you stand out in the sea of sameness.

Our Pension Max Analysis provides significant opportunity for you to not only educate your client on owning their solution, but provide significant value to their bottom line throughout retirement.  

From The Advisor

"The solution NFG Brokerage was able to provide was more professional and easier to understand than any other firm we consulted with and it ultimately won the case for us"


Mr. Client, 55 year old male working for ABC Co.


Mr. Client wants to find a way to get as close to his Life Only income as possible but still provide a survivor benefit for his spouse.  The problem is that his spousal continuation solutions remove $1,000 per month or more of income now which he wants for retirement.


An innovative design that considers how much can we save the client today vs  the traditional design of how much more can they save for tomorrow (something they thought they were already doing).  This was done by comparing the amount of income they would receive as life only income to the various spousal continuation options available to them.  This modern approach allows us to pinpoint the risk-reward properly for the client and zero in on desired outcomes.  


We were able to provide First Year savings of $3,825.  This savings provided for more than $217,000 in savings through age 95 which on its own is near the amount of healthcare spending for retirees through their retirement.  We also delivered both Chronic & Critical Illness coverage that the client could also use to offset chronic or critical care expenses through retirement.  The advisor was able to complete 1 application and complete the underwriting process very quickly due to our cover letter template, experienced case management team, and great insurance carrier relationship.

$3,825 1st Year Savings

$217,000+ in Savings to age 95

Up to $900,000 in Chronic & Critical Illness Coverage

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