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Premium Finance doesn't need to be difficult.  Our Proprietary approach will help you win every premium finance case.  We have many unique solutions to help you win your next case.

Helping your clients navigate efficient wealth transfer
Analyzing the effectiveness fo the strategy
Understand the relationship between collateral and cash value
Maximize your client's IRR


The client is heavily invested in closely held business and real estate.  Even in years of high cashflow they prefer using as much capital as possible to go back into their businesses and real estate.  The client also has a hard time understanding the dollar commitment to the legacy plan put in front of them, though they acknowledge the need.


A well thought out premium finance plan provides the client the opportunity to retain their capital in their closely held businesses and real estate where they believe the will have excess returns compared to servicing a loan in this interest rate environment.  With our proprietary process we are able to put an emphasis on maximizing the clients IRR and driving the desired results.


We were able to provide the client a stable out of pocket without undue stress due to early interest accrual and drive 2x More IRR, 10% less outlay than GUL, and the potential for more than 10x the cash surrender value.  We were able to deliver all of this without putting undue stress on the life insurance policy, minimized the in-force illustration risk during the renewal process.

10.44% IRR on Death Benefit at age 90  

10% less Outlay than GUL

Significant Risk Reduction

From The Advisor

“NFG Brokerage made the plan very clear to me and my client which allowed for early buy-in to the concept.  They also delivered on the in-force service, providing eye-catching reports for my client and making the renewal a breeze.”

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