We are very proud of the service we provide for our distribution partners. In fact, we see our relationship more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 5PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality advice, support, strategies and service they deserve.

“We’ve looked at a lot IMOs like NFG Brokerage,  but these guys are our clear favorite. They have the right strategies and they’ve been awesome to work with.”
Sub-IMO Partner
“We have a steady flow of new agents and NFG Brokerage has made the onboarding process painless for us.  They gave us all the tools and training to help us succeed.”
Agency Partner
“The team at NFG Brokerage has made it possible to increase our insurance offering, insurance training, and insurance reporting.  We are a big fan!”
Broker-Dealer Partner
“NFG Brokerage has helped us improve our product offering and process and made a big impact on our branch sales.”
Bank Partner
“NFG Brokerage's case managers have really helped our business succeed.  Personal service has been great.  We also appreciate the bilingual staff at NFG Brokerage which has helped increase our Foreign National business as well.”
“I came from a captive company background and the Advanced Markets at NFG Brokerage has been a significant improvement to my professional experience in the industry.”
“We outsourced our quoting and case design to NFG Brokerage and it has been a game changer for us.”
“NFG Brokerage has helped my company become more efficient in working with our clients and the solutions we have access to have given us a significant edge over our competitors.”
Agency Partner