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Real-time exam decision. in-language exam (Paper and iGo e-Apps only)

Effective May 15, 2021, our non-medical process will be updated to provide the client a real-time decision if an exam and labs are needed upon the conclusion of the tele-interview.

Please note: This update only applies to cases submitted via paper or iGO eApp, which are fulfilled by CRL Plus. These changes are not yet in effect for AG Quick Ticket cases, which are fulfilled by ExamOne.

For cases submitted by paper or iGO eApp, the applicant’s responses will be analyzed and at the end of the tele-interview, the interviewer will tell the client if an exam is required. If an exam and labs are required, the paramedical exam will be scheduled for the client with APPS-Portamedic.

This update does not change our non-medical parameters, and a majority of non-med applications can still proceed without an exam.
If an exam is required upon conclusion of the tele-interview, three new requirements will appear on the case in Connext: Urinalysis, Blood Profile, and Physical Measurements.          No further  action is required by you for these requirements. AIG is the responsible party for scheduling with APPS.
An in-language examiner can be requested and will be supported where available.
If an exam is NOT required, the interviewer will thank the applicant for their time and advise that we will contact their financial professional if anything else is needed.

With this change, it’s important that you discuss options with your client in advance so they can be prepared to schedule an exam if needed.

Tips for Streamlined Processing

Non-Med submission parameters

With few exceptions, applications that meet the product, age, and face amount parameters below will start with the non-medical underwriting process and go through tele-interview, regardless of rate class:


Product Age Face Amount
Value+ Protector II 0-50* $1 million or less
Max Accumulator+ II
* Ages 18-50 in New York


Ensure your client is prepared for the tele-interview and has medical information needed. Refer to the client guide, Preparing for the Tele-Interview and Exam, for preparation tips.

Note: The tele-interview vendor will call the client. If the client is unable to answer the phone, the interviewer will leave a voice-mail message with instructions and a telephone number for the client to call.

For cases submitted by iGO eApp or paper application, the CRL Plus tele-interview phone line is 877-243-2448.
For cases submitted by Quick Ticket, the ExamOne tele-interview phone line is 888-876-3407.

Leave the Part B, exam, and any other medical requirements to us! Submitting an agent-completed Paper Part B, exam, labs or APS records for any case that falls within the non-medical submission parameters above may cause delays in the case because of duplicate records.

For cases that require an exam and labs, use Connext to track and monitor:
Within 1-2 hours “Non Med Ineligible – Labs Required” AND three new requirements will appear in Connext for the case: Urinalysis, Blood Profile and Physical

Within 24-48 hours, reason that exam and labs are required will be posted to Connext.
Within 72 hours, the Physical Measurements requirement on Connext will provide exam details (date and time of scheduled exam, lab slip number, APPS phone number).


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