Zurich – Important Update to Index Accounts for New Policies

The following underutilized index account options will no longer be available for new policies:

  • Zurich Wealth Builder IUL and Zurich Survivor IUL
    • S&P 500®1 Uncapped Index Interest Account
    • Nasdaq-100®2 Uncapped Index Interest Account
  • Zurich Select IUL
    • MSCI EAFE3 Index Interest Account
    • MSCI Emerging Markets3 Index Interest Account
    • Russell 2000®4 Index Interest Account

On June 28th, WinFlex Web will be updated to remove the closed index interest accounts as options. For all policies placed inforce on or after July 15th, these index account options will not be available. For pending cases that are placed inforce on or after July 15th, a new Supplement to Part I without these options will be required.

Note: This will not affect existing inforce policyholders’ access to these index accounts. This will only apply to policies placed inforce on or after July 15, 2021.


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