OneAmerica – COVID Restriction Lifted & New Marketing Piece!


COVID restriction lifted and new marketing piece.

  1. Restriction on recurring premium Asset Care for applicants ages 70-80 removed! See grid below for more details.

Age 70 and above

  • All products now available, bringing Asset Care Recurring Premium Whole Life, Asset Care with Return of Premium and Asset-Care IV (CA) back for active sales to these ages
  • Rated cases will still not be accepted
  • Annuity Care: All products remain available

Age 69 and below

  • No restrictions

This piece not only provides a good snapshot at pricing for each age and gender but most importantly, it highlights how the cost to add a second insured is almost insignificant! See attached PDF for the agent-facing piece.      2. NEW Asset Care recurring premium monthly premium rate sheet – Buy one get one free (well almost)

[fivo_docs title=”OneAmerica – Asset Care Recurring Premium Rate Sheet” boxed=”1″ ids=”5466″]


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