National Life Group IUL Participation Rates Are Increasing

IUL Participation Rates Are Increasing For Balanced Trend and US Pacesetter, in all states except NY.

National Life Group will be raising participation rates on Balanced Trend and US Pacesetter index crediting strategies, starting with the 1/14/24 sweep date. Both are low-volatility indexes that have no caps and a 0% floor. The rates will increase in all states, except NY.

  • Balanced Trend participation rates will increase from 210% to 215%
  • US Pacesetter participation rates will increase from 225% to 235%

The increases will not affect maximum illustrated rates because those are based on the S&P 500, our benchmark index. However, you will see the impact of the new participation rates in the Hypothetical Returns by Strategy table in the illustration.

IUL 2023 Illustrated Rates

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