Scott Karstens

Scott Karstens The President of the Life, LTC, and DI divisions of NFG Brokerage and an Owner of NFG Brokerage.  Scott is an insurance planning and business development expert for financial services professionals. His personal attention to detail and the engagement of his team is a key driver for mutual success. Scott is focused on providing advanced life insurance planning strategies for Agents and Advisors focusing on their high net worth clientele, corporate clientele, and affluent individual clients, providing expertise in Estate Planning, Corporate Life Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Family Planning.

In addition to this Scott and his team have been successful in helping Agents and Advisors successfully recruit to, train through, and execute a transition plan for their businesses. Scott has been in the Insurance and Financial Services industry since 2001 based out of Colorado.

Aside from his duties with NFG Brokerage and Broker Backoffice, LLC., Scott mentors Elementary and Middle School kids through his sports program Guardians Football, helping them develop important life skills, teamwork and work ethic. Scott is married and has an amazing wife and three amazing children.

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