Pricing Update: Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term (2019) – 01/11/21

Effective January 11, 2021, Lincoln is announcing pricing updates to Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term (2019). Lincoln TermAccel® offers an entirely electronic, streamlined interview process with fully automated underwriting and no APS requirement.

Pricing Updates

▪ The majority of core cells, for all term durations, ages 30 – 60 and face amounts of
$500K – $1M, will rank in the top 5 compared to key competitors.

o Preferred Plus class will remain ranked mainly in the top 4 – 8 compared
to key competitors.

▪ Premium updates will be a mix of both decreases and increases.

Transition Guidelines

For states that are approved at rollout, there is a 30-day transition period which begins
on January 11, 2021, and ends on February 10, 2021. During the transition period:

▪ New applications received and applications currently in underwriting will automatically receive the lowest rates
▪ For policies already issued, Lincoln will accept a written request to change to the Lincoln TermAccel® (2019) –
01/11/21 rates.
▪ For policies already placed, Lincoln will not allow rewrites to the Lincoln TermAccel® (2019) – 01/11/21 rates.
▪ For states approved after rollout, the above will automatically apply based on the availability date. Lincoln
TermAccel® (2019) is not available in New York.

Click here to view the term state availability grid.


Illustrations for Lincoln TermAccel® (2019) – 01/11/21 will be run on Lincoln DesignItSM Illustration System (v51.0 C). If you have an active internet connection, the software will automatically update to include the new rates on January 11, 2021. If you need to download the Lincoln DesignItSM Illustration System, it will be available on the Lincoln producer websites or from Field Office Technicians.

Available Riders

The following riders are available on all versions of Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term (see state availability):
▪ Accelerated Benefit Rider
▪ Waiver of Premium Benefit
▪ Children’s Level Term Insurance Benefit Rider

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