NBA Member to Member Deal - Global Atlantic

  Global Atlantic Life brings significant opportunity to both you and your agents.  On the heals of the transition from AVIVA, they are positioned to be one of the most sought after companies over the next 5yrs and beyond.   Through our Member to Member deal, we have an exclusive arrangement with Global Atlantic to provide significant value to their bottom line and bring the value of your contract far beyond your competitiion.

For 2017 & 2018 we are part of a select group of agencies with incentive bonuses for producers.  In 2017, any agent with production over $30k will receive a 20% bonus.    You will receive as the agency, a 5% bonus on any producer with production over $30k (again, paid on the amount above $30k).  In 2018 the threshold rises to $40k and any premium above that will receive a 20% bonus.

Don’t miss out on a great deal for you and your agents!

Contract & Product Information

Below you will find your direct contract information at Global Atlantic as well as your agent’s level.  Their levels are in 5pt increments from your level down to 45%, we are only showing your level and your typical agent.  It is also important to note that the intent is to NBA’s production to a level were NBA is direct to Global Atlantic.

For any agent who has never qualified for their trips in the past, the target premium qualification for this trip is only $30,000 of target premium!  If they have been contracted, the premium level is $50,000.  Don’t miss out on a great deal for your agents!

NBA Member Level

Top Street Level

Product Overview