Increase to Face Amount Limit to $5 Million for PL Promise GUL Effective January 11, 2021

Pacific Life is increasing the PL Promise GUL 1 face amount limit from $3.5 million to $5 million effective
January 11, 2021. PL Promise GUL is a universal life insurance product with no-lapse guarantees designed to
provide affordable death benefit protection.

Winflex Web and IXN will be updated with the new face amount limit on January 11, 2021, and with all other
quoting vendors to follow. Due to COVID-19, Pacific Life is currently accepting risk classes up to Table 4 for issue
ages 70 years old and younger and Standard or better for issue ages 71 through 80.

Life insurance remains an important product for consumers to purchase and own. It is our job to make sure you
are capable of providing customers the long-lasting life insurance protection they need.

PL Promise GUL is an affordable option for clients seeking death benefit protection that offers:

• Face amounts between $25K – $5 million, as of January 11, 2021
• Affordable alternative to whole life
• Enhanced Surrender Value Rider at no cost²
• Added consumer protection with a no-lapse guarantee³, that can be tailored to the client’s desired nolapse                   guarantee duration
• Optional PL Promise Chronic Illness Rider at policy issue for a monthly rider charge4,5
• Optional Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider at policy issue for a monthly rider charge should the client
become disabled5,6


  1. PL PROMISE GUL No-Lapse Guarantee Universal Life Insurance. Policy Form #P18PRUL and S18PRUL or ICC18 P18PRUL and ICC18 S18PRUL, based on state of policy issue.
  2. Enhanced Surrender Value Rider. Form #R17LYESV or ICC17 R17LYESV, based on state of policy issue.
  3. The Lifetime No-Lapse Guarantee Rider (form #R17LYFNL or ICC17 R17LYFNL, based on state of policy issue) is included in the policy at no additional charge. The no-lapse guarantee, depending on how your client structures their policy, has a maximum duration of the insured’s lifetime, subject to certain limits. If your client’s net no-lapse guarantee value is zero, the no-lapse feature terminates. If the no-lapse feature terminates, additional premiums would be required to resume the no-lapse guarantee. If policy performance is such that your client’s policy is being maintained solely by the no-lapse guarantee, your client’s policy will not build cash value.
  4.  PL Promise Chronic Illness Care Rider is an accelerated death benefit rider for chronic illness. Policy Form #R18LYCHR or ICC18 R18LYCHR, based on state of policy issue.
  5. Riders may incur additional charges and are subject to availability, restrictions, and limitations. Please refer to the policy and rider contract for additional details. Clients should be shown policy quotes with and without riders to help show the rider’s impact on the policy’s values.
  6. Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider. Form #R18WMD or ICC18 R18WMD, based on state of policy issue



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