Global Atlantic – ForeCare Fixed Annuity with Long Term Care Benefits


ForeCare – Fixed Annuity with Long-Term Care benefits

1. Long-Term Care Benefits*
2. Prinicipal Protection
3. Simplified Underwriting Process

• Nearly 70% of adults over age 65 need long-term care
• A home health aide alone may run you $31,689 a year
• Caregivers report much higher levels of stress

*Contract value at month end is never reduced below the contract value at the prior month-end (less any applicable withdrawals) due to the cost for the long-term care benefits rider.

How ForeCare will help you meet your GOALS?

  • Shu Li, 40, and her mother Yu Siew, 70
  • Yu Siew was diagnosed with a mild stroke one year ago
  • She now has difficulty walking
  • Shu Li is the main caregiver in the household
  • She is operating a business with her husband
  • She needs someone to look over Yu Siew at least three days a week (8 hours/day) so she can visit her business or run an errand
  • ForeCare provides her with flexible care services
  • She could hire a home health aide to assist Yu Siew in personal services, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming while she is away
  • Relieve the family of financial burden


How ForeCare works? Here are the TWO scenarios:

Scenario 1: Without ForeCare

  • Annual LTC expenses: $23,616
  • Shu Li spent $1,968 each month on hiring a home health aide to take care of her mother, Yu Siew.
  • Of the $100,000 LTC budget, only $76,384 remains after year one.
  • She exhausts her LTC budget in 50 months.

Scenario 2: With ForeCare

  • Annual LTC expenses: $23,616
  • Yu Siew purchased a $100,000 single premium ForeCare policy when she was age 60.
  • Before the incident, she received premier approval.1
  • With that, she will receive $300,0001 available for qualified LTC expenses.
  • For LTC expenses, there is $276,384 remaining after year one.
  • This benefit allows her to utilize the LTC budget for 150 months.


To learn more about the product, please contact your Internal Sales Representative at NFG or email us at [email protected]

These results are hypothetical and intended to illustrate the differences between using a $100,000 investment versus a ForeCare fixed annuity to fund long-term care expenses



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