AIG Annuity – Updated Annuity Suitability Guide Now Available

Click to view AIG’s updated Suitability Guide

Here’s a summary of the changes to the brochure and AIG’s program overall:

  • Additions that align with the recent Client Profile form changes
    • Anticipated holding period should align with product features (i.e. surrender charge, living benefit, etc)
  • Added transparency regarding our focus for replacements and where we may ask for more information if it is not provided.
    • Replacing policies with living benefits and understanding the income available in the existing contract
    • Fixed annuity to index annuity replacements and documenting the guaranteed rates on the existing contract
  • Provided guidance about multiple premiums and that potential performance/illustrations should not be relied on as expectation of future performance.

Keep in mind  

AIG can review cases on a pre-sale suitability basis (see page 6 of the document attached)

  • To submit a case for pre-review, the IMO/BGA can complete and send AIG suitability team the Client Profile form (with no client signatures for pre- sale review). Once you have a completed client profile form you can email it to [email protected] to see if the case will receive approval.

To get help with new illustrations or for more information, call 800-568-5667 or email us at [email protected]

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